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Shovel Ready Sites

Greenpointe Industrial Park: Size up your opportunity.

Looking for size? Greenpointe’s 800 shovel-ready acres are ready to be customized to your needs. Need heavy-duty performance? Zoned for heavy industrial operations, Greenpointe offers abundant, affordable utility capacity through robust infrastructure and strategic suppliers including Atmos Energy gas, municipally sourced water from the city of Greenville, Twin County Power Association electricity (with Entergy power available) and AT&T broadband. Two 24” gas transmission lines are already onsite, with transport gas available; 12” water and sewer lines offer a 20 MGPD capacity with a 300,000-gallon water storage tower onsite; electricity is delivered through three-phase 7.62/12.3 KV WYE, with a 50+ MVA capacity substation less than half a mile away, and a 781 MW Entergy substation only1.5 miles away. At Greenpointe, high-powered performance is matched by fast-moving logistical connections including four-lane access to U.S. Highway 61 and Highway 82 (located just one mile away), Port of Greenville just 7.5 miles away, Greenville Mid-Delta Airport just 15 miles away, and Columbus & Greenville Railway just 1.2 miles away, with a planned onsite rail-to-port connection.

Greenpointe Industrial Park Spec Sheet

Greenpointe Industrial Park Video (YouTube)

61 & 82 Industrial Park: Where connections and advantages converge.

Adjacent to both U.S. Highway 61 and U.S. Highway 82, this powerfully developed industrial park combines convenient proximity with abundance in acreage and resources.

The site’s 500 shovel-ready acres are served by Entergy’s 115 KV transmission lines, with 13.8 KV distribution; Atmos Energy gas lines are in place with upgrade capacity to meet virtually any need, while water is municipally sourced through the city of Leland and broadband provided by AT&T. While the two U.S. highways put shipping on go, delivery is speeded by multimodal connections that also include rail just .75 miles away, port 16 miles away and airport just 17 miles away.

61 & 82 Leland Industrial Park Spec Sheet

61 & 82 Leland Industrial Park Video (YouTube)

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